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The Best Social Media for Your Business

If you own a business, you probably have had the “which social media platform to use” debate. The truth is that the best social media for your business may depend on a number of factors.

The one thing you must know in between these considerations is that social media is an absolute necessity for your business to survive. How do I know this? Well quite simply. We all see an average of 20 adverts on social media on a daily basis. So if people are talking about their businesses through these channels, why shouldn’t you?

Irrespective of the platform you choose to use, it is noteworthy that it takes skill and proper understanding of social media to create a successful and very engaging social media post.

What Is the Best Social Media for Your Business?

From personal experience, I can conclude that not all social media ventures are successful. A major reason for failure is giving priority to the wrong platforms. This is an understandable mistake. Even for professional, it is not always the easiest task to keep track of where your clients should be on.

Personally, these three thoughts help me shape a decision on platforms –

  1. Is my business B2C, B2B, or a blend of both?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. what is the aim of my business/ my overall objective?

These usually give me an initial understanding of what platforms to lean towards. However, as a rule of thumb, it has been proven wise to stick with these 3 alternatives.


I am sure this is in no way shocking. First, it is arguably the largest with more than 1.32 billion active users. This simply means if your target audience knows social media, they are most likely on Facebook. They boast of being the most widely used.

This also happens to be a favorite for most marketers. Facebook comes with a host of varying packages that makes your business branding a delight. It is also great for creating website traffic as well as the generation of leads. Basically, the real question is what is there not to love.

It also is great if you are on a tight budget. From personal experience, I have found Facebook pages and effective post creation to be real winners. They are my go-tos even before I consider spending money on launching a campaign.

What makes Facebook a first call is that it has the most developed advertising system of all social media platforms. You will be able to carry out targeted adverts by age, employment, gender, interests, buying behavior, relationships and so on. I feel this is awesome because you can pick out your exact audience.


This is another giant. In fact, it is hard at times to pick between this and Facebook. This should not be totally surprising. It boasts about 500 million daily users and is owned by the same person who owns Facebook.

This platform has about the same paid benefits as Facebook and comes with some cool set of organic benefits. With Instagram,  you can grow your followers and the reach of your posts and profile organically. On Facebook, you would have to pay for these. This simply makes Instagram a low budget choice. If your business is just starting off, you should consider using Instagram.

One of the coolest features for a business is that Instagram is a visual platform. This means only posts including pictures or videos can be posted. this is a great benefit for your business. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words. The only downside it the time required to create highly engaging and well-crafted videos and pictures.


Does your business follow a B2B model? Do you aim to find clients on the bases of job titles? If you answered yes to the questions, then your business may favor the use of LinkedIn.

As far as reach is concerned, LinkedIn boasts of 250 million active monthly users. This is a huge enough pool to consider getting an audience from.

It is seen as the business social media platform. This almost accurate conception makes people try to be as accurate about their businesses as much as it is possible.

In comparison with Facebook, it is seen to have a less advanced campaign structure. On the plus side, it provides you with a host of job positions to target. For a business targeting businesses or certain job titles, LinkedIn is the platform to use.

Final Thoughts

If at the end you are still in doubt, then you may need to consider the numerous merits of using an outsourced content creation agency. This comes with its perks. You enjoy the luxury of experts making this hard decision for you and more especially you enjoy the merits of maximizing the advantages of social media.

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